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Many property owners underestimate the destructive nature of water, until they are facing water damage. Whether the result of a plumbing issue, or flooding from a storm, water can wreak havoc on your property if not handled quickly. The longer you wait, the more building materials will absorb water, causing damage to expand and potentially leading to rotting and mold growth.

Prevent extensive and costly property damage repairs by giving us a call! We offer emergency water removal in Houston TX, and can get to you fast. Once we arrive at your property, we'll use powerful flood extractors to remove all standing water.

For emergency water extraction service in Houston,  Call R&L 713-686-8899 for rapid water removal.

Houston Water Removal Professionals

While it may not seem like a lot, a few inches of standing water spread across an entire floor can cause expensive repairs if not removed promptly. Water can travel to areas which you can't see, for example underneath your hardwood flooring.

It may be tempting to try and dry-out your property on your own, but failure to do it correctly will lead to harmful water damage effects. This job is best left to a professional water cleanup company like R&L Global Inc. Regardless if you're needing water removal from a single room in your home, or 2 entire stories in your business, we are ready to help.


We remove and extract the 3 types of contaminated water

Water damage is broken down into 3 levels of contamination. While none of them should be taken lightly, each level is more dangerous than the last. Here is a quick breakdown of the 3 categories:

  1. Clean Water Damage:
    Water intrusion caused by a broken water line, an overflowing sink, or melted ice are examples of clean water damage. We are able to remove this type of water with standard equipment. Make no mistake, just because the water is clean doesn't mean that it won't damage your property if left untenanted.
  2. Grey Water Damage:
    Examples of this type of water damage is usually the result of a broken washing machine or dishwasher. This water contains small traces of contamination. This can cause illness if ingested.
  3. Black Water Damage:
    This type of water intrusion is considered a bio-hazard as it contains harmful bacteria. Examples of this type of water damage includes sewage backup, hurricanes, and stormwater.

Our team is equipped and trained to remove all 3 types of water damage, and will approach each water removal extraction differently. Rest assured that we'll remove and dispose of any hazardous waste in a safe manner.

At the first sign of water intrusion,  Call R&L at 713-686-8899 to minimize damage!


We go beyond water removal and extraction in Houston

Extracting water is not enough if you want to save your property, which is why we offer a complete range of water damage restoration services. These services include structural drying, disinfection, sanitation, and reconstruction when needed. Below you can find some information about these services:

  • Drying
    Any property that was been affected by water damage has to be fully dried. Failure to do so will lead to mold growth and potential structural problems. We use commercial grade drying equipment and moisture meters to ensure your home or business is 100% dry.
  • Cleaning / Sanitation
    Water damage leaves contaminants behind, especially category 2 and 3 water damage. This is why we perform a thorough cleaning and disinfection process.
  • Water Damage Restoration / Reconstruction
    Our goal is to salvage as much building materials as we can, but your safety and health is our top priority. In many cases, we'll have to dispose of building material like drywall, carpet, carpet padding and hardwood flooring.

When dealing with standing water, every minute counts! Call: 713-686-8899 for professional water removal service.

The only water removal and drying expert you need

Our experienced Houston water removal company is ready to mobilize at a moment's notice. No matter how grim things may look right now, we'll have your property dry and back to normal in no time!

Here are some reason's why we are the preferred water extraction company in Houston.

  • We Remove All Water Types
    Whether your property is flooded with clean, grey, or black water, we are certified and trained to remove all levels of contaminated water. There is no level of water damage we can't handle.
  • Professional Techs
    We know the stress that property damage brings, which is why we'll do what it takes to put your mind at ease. Our certified techs will arrive on time and remain professional all the way through.
  • Local & Established
    With almost 15 years in business, our company has become synonymous with quality. We've worked on thousands of properties all over the city of Houston.
  • Trusted
    We are fully-licensed, insured, and certified for the services we perform. Rest assured that your home or business will be in the hands of true professionals.
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Water Removal FAQs

What is water extraction?

Water extraction is the removal of pooled or standing water. Specialty equipment like heavy-duty flood extractors are used to mitigate water damage.

Is water extraction the same as water mitigation?

Water extraction is part of water damage mitigation, however water damage mitigation includes other steps like removing damaged building materials, cleaning, deodorizing, and structural drying.

Will removing water prevent damage to my home

It's nearly impossible to avoid property damage. However, having a company like R&L arrive quickly to remove water will significantly prevent further damage.

Will my insurance provider cover water extraction?

Water damage restoration and related services like water extraction are usually covered by insurance. However, please check with your provider to ensure coverage. We also work with customers who want to pay out of pocket.

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