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Not only is mold an ugly sight, it also destroys property and can cause health issues for you and your family. Sometimes mold is not always visible, but strong musty odors and humidity in your home can be indicators, especially if you’ve had previous water damage or water leaks. If you have noticed any signs of mold, it’s important you contact a Houston Mold Removal company who can work quickly to assess and solve the problem. At R&L Global Inc., we are fully insured, licensed and IICRC-certified to offer you the highest level of mold removal service.

Your family and home deserve the best in Houston mold removal service. Contact R&L Global Inc. at 713-686-8899 and restore your home and peace of mind.

Our Tried & Tested Method For Mold Removal:

  •  Mold Inspection – We start off by searching and identifying what’s causing the mold to grow. This could be a slow leak from a pipe or maybe a previous flood.
  • Material Disposal – We’ll remove and safely dispose of all damaged areas and materials like drywall.
  • Mold Removal / Cleaning  – We’ll dry, dehumidify, and decontaminate all areas which have been affected by mold.
  • Testing – Once we have removed all signs of mold, we’ll come back test all areas to ensure that mold has been fully eradicated from your home.
  • Restoration – Once we are 100% sure that mold has been removed, then we can start rebuilding and repairing all areas which were affected by mold. This includes walls, ceilings, ans structure.

R&L Global Inc. is the only call you need to make for mold removal in Houston. Call 713-686-8899 to get started.





With thousands of successfully restored homes, we can restore your home to better conditions than it was before it was damage.

Honest & Efficient

Our restoration techs are courteous, honest, transparent and punctual. We will do our best to make sure you feel at ease.


We are dedicated to offering the best in property restoration and we do so by staying current with the latest in restoration.
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